Set the scene

Inspiration and the proper mindset are the first orders of business. Swing your head around and imagine your two eyes multiplying into 8 – winking in 2.5 second, serial succession. Isolate your subject from the swirling image-mess around you. And don't be shy, the Oktomat's brick shape and wee mechanics are charming enough to make even the most surly chap smile.

Don’t just capture a moment, capture a movement

Shoot! And a couple of “clack's” later your subject is cleanly sliced into 8 little frames, boiled, and served. It's no Hollywood feature, but believe us, 8 frames can tell quite a tale. Envision yourself as a movie director on the world's tightest budget – armed with 8 scenes and 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. With this 35mm multi-lens analogue camera, there are so many possibilities from which you might grab an Oktographic snippet: a parade of beagles, big Charlie's unfortunate bicycle lesson, passionate hedgehogs, or a boozy sea-cruise. Whatever the occasion: choose your scene, motivate your cast, and coordinate your cinematography into a print-bound and Oscar-worthy Oktomatic vignette.

Run, dance, dive, swim…Movement makes the movie!