To show the packrat in action

we enlisted the help of Adam Scott – professional photographer, analog author, Holga guru, Lomo book lieutenant, and Lomographer in excellent standing. Catching a flight to Reykjavik, he tossed the Packrat onto a diverse crew of eight exceptional Icelanders and photographed them in their native stomping grounds. We organized his mighty fine shots into this Packrat Gallery.

Packrat Gallery Participants

(a fond thank-you from the Lomographic Society International)

Anna Richardsdóttir is the only woman to have flown around Akureyri dressed as a red bird. At 50 she is Akureyri's main performance artist and the town's official artist for 2008. Some of her projects include: The Global Cleaning project, which is a ten year project that started in 1999 where she travels the world and cleans it. A strict diet of two or three swims in the freezing ocean every week keeps her looking like a 20 year old!

As the Human Resources director of a meat processing comapany called Norðlenska. Jóna Jónsdóttir is greatly feared by the staff who do not want to end up hanging out in the freezer. If you are in Iceland get in touch they are always looking for fresh meat.

Þorbjörg Halldórsdóttir and her friend Guðrún run a very cool retro second hand shop with both Icelandic furniture and bits and pieces from other Nordic countries. Anyone who is into cool clothes, old typewriters, lamps and Sugarcubes records will love it.

Ragnar Veigar Guðmundsson is not only the biggest guy in the village but also a retail expert and a lover of trying new things. Some people consider him to be too kind. In a recent car crash that was entirely his fault, he went after the victim (who hadn't noticed any bang) to hand over his insurance details.