A little help from their friends

Pinholes have an almost magical ability to turn even the most boring everyday thing into a boom-shocking piece of amazing photographic art. We swear, even your dull Uncle Charlie can look totally captivating. But they can’t do it all alone. As mentioned above, they need a little bit of help to fully realize their potential. That’s where these beauties come in.

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Pinhole Adventures Book

144 pages of pure, uncut inspiration


Mouthpiece Book

60 Smileycam images, all shot from Justin Quinnell’s mouth, in one charming little hardcover edition


Medium Format Film

Tasty food for your 120 pinhole camera


Lomographic 35mm Film

Cheap-cheerful-bright-and breezy for your 35mm pinhole cam


35mm Slide Film

Pinholes absolutely LOVE cross-processed slide film


Holgon Strobe Flash

Hold it with your hand, and flash your pinhole subject 2x per second. Amazing!


Colorsplash Flash

Toss colored light all around your pinhole image. Take your time – the exposure needs 8 minutes anyway.