Smileycam // Pinhole in your Mouth

The simplicity of Pinhole cameras is the real killer. With no auto-anything, no viewfinder, & no LENS – they can be crafted from all kinds of unassuming materials. And the resulting images are as varied and customizable as the cameras that shoot them. In that spirit, allow us to introduce something really off the wall: a handcrafted, single-use 110 pinhole camera that will absolutely knock your photographic senses head over arse. The Smileycam.

This charming little guy is the brainchild of Justin Quinnell – premier pinhole guru and undisputed master of oral pinhole photography. Each Smileycam is initially born as an unassuming 110 film cartridge. Justin and his lovely wife affix a custom-made pinhole plate to the film exposure area, craft a simple shutter out of electrical tape, and hand-paint a guide arrow for advancing the film. Voila: you now have a super light and extremely compact camera that can be placed inside your mouth, mounted onto a Frisbee, taped onto your bicycle, or otherwise affixed to almost any position that would be impossible with a “real” camera. With a Smileycam in your hands, you are absolutely guaranteed to cook up at least a dozen totally unique and heretofore unthinkable photographic scenarios. Not to mention, you’ll be supporting the further exploits of a true pinhole genius.


Handmade Construction
Each Smileycam is constructed with tender loving care by Mr. and Mrs. Quinnell – at their home in the United Kingdom.

Wide-Angle, Dreamy Images
Like all Pinholes, the Smileycam yields soft-focus, dreamlike images. The angle of view is extremely wide – but without any kind of barrel distortion (as there ain’t no lens!)

Compact Size and Impossible Perspectives
Obviously, the Smileycam will shoot amazing photos from inside your mouth, but it does equally well taped to a dog collar, hanging off the side of a building, affixed to a skateboard, on the end of a cricket bat, etc…

Single Use 110 format
Once your Smileycam is all shot, just drop the whole thing off with a local development lab. Although you don’t see 110 film all that much these days, you’ll find that most labs still process it – and that mailorder is readily available as well.

Smileycam Pinhole