Take fair warning. Run your fingers along your Pop 9 and examine it closely. This glimmering 9-lens analogue gem is locked and loaded to catapult your consciousness into heretofore-unknown realms of pop expression and sheer, crushing ecstasy. Grasping this camera between your quivering fingers implies a very grave and solemn commitment to unconditionally submit to the inescapable pull of your Pop 9's golden eyes. Your Pop 9 will take full control - leaving you utterly helpless to alter the course of your head-over-heels journey towards the very pinnacle of creative indulgence. Prepare yourself.



Your Pop 9 instantaneously transforms your environment into miniature explosions of pattern-repeating artistic dynamite. Shapes, angles, and bulges engage each other between the 9 repeating frames, producing an unpredictable and simply amazing photographic wallpaper of images. Your surroundings, actions, passions, and loves become gorgeous works of miniature art - an absolute chaos of colorful beauty, neatly laid out in an orderly 3x3 rectangle.



Smooth and sexy, your Pop 9 slides inside your slim leather jacket, ready to be unsheathed and wielded at a moment's notice. Its wide angle lenses see and record all - with razor-sharp resolution and amazing close-up capability. Put on your ace face and shoot from the hip - ignoring the viewfinder and boldly guiding the googling lenses with your hand and instincts. You and your Pop 9 have merged into one as your animal impulses and desires project the 9 eyes at will - no longer dependent on the knowledge or consent of your conscious thought.



It is absolutely necessary to have your Pop 9 on your person at all times. Remember, everything around you is begging - SCREAMING - to be captured as vivid miniature works of nine-shot art. Your Pop 9 is the tool to hear their cries; your catalyst to convert the everyday into the extraordinary. Its compact shape, lightweight build, and stunning golden appearance make it the perfect accessory to the most fashionable of looks. Empowering your senses while complementing your appearance, the Pop 9 is forever your loyal and gregarious companion.



As you spend more time together, and your relationship with the Pop 9 enters full bloom, you'll discover that you start to look at things with a 9-frame perspective. That garbage truck is not an ugly, dirty beast - it is a striking multi-frame expression of vitality! Your best friend's mohawk is no longer a fashionable haircut - it's a pointy little onion with a pale, furrowed belly! Allow the fabulous spirit of the world's most beautiful patterns to fill up your very soul, projecting the power of instant art to your finger tips, and straight through your Pop 9! Horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, your own personal sense of creativity will burst with song and freestyle rap verses - all in a vain effort to express the overwhelming capability that has been thrust into your waiting hands with this amazing golden instrument.



Through dedicated and constant employment of your Pop 9, the virtues of certain situations, motifs, and conditions will become progressively apparent, forming into your own preferred style of "Pop-ography." Your own personal technique is a direct function of the depth of your relationship with the Pop 9 - growing, maturing, and refining with each roll of film that you complete. Never stop playing. Use your Pop 9 with the light heart of an innocent child, awed with wonder at everything around them. With a broad smile from ear to ear, click away with carefree abandon, boiling with overbearing anticipation for the next developed roll of unpredictable Pop 9 patterned sunshine!



To get you started down your gilded road, we present the following broad fundamentals for excellent Pop 9 results. HOWEVER, the most important developments of a technique come from your own experimentation - merely use these guidelines as the foundations for your grand, soaring towers of Pop 9 success!

- Play with the alignment of your subjects. Strict centering of your subject produces an analytical, bold pattern; cutting your subjects in half on the sides of the frame produces inspiring connected patterns between each individual frame. Search for every possibility!
- Get close to your subjects, especially when using a flash. Large, detailed subjects that fill the frame make for dazzling results.
- Color your world. Bold, unique, crazy colors add to the impact of a Pop 9 photo, repeating in joyous and exceptional patterns. On the other hand, stark, minimal colors can be very striking as well. Try everything!



The pleasant aroma of fresh Pop 9 images hovers through your room as you slowly unwrap your first gorgeous developed prints. Now, what to do with these dazzling lomographic "Pop-o-graphs?" Rather than relegating your best Pop 9 images to the dank, musty folds of an ordinary photo book, allow them to shine with their full brilliance in a visually arresting Lomographic Pop Wall! Going through your personal archive, choose the Pop 9 pics with the most meaning for you - the images that best represent your lifestyle of manic curiosity and boundless hyperactive creativity. Don't worry about colors, subjects, or any other subjective things to pre-judge your photos. Laying them all out into a square format, set your mind free from its boundaries, and allow your hand to guide the mini pattern photos into an overall Pop 9 mosaic - exploding with both the intense graphic impact, and the fierce narrative content that each little frame embodies. Experiment with themed Lomographic Pop Walls, enormous Walls, Walls with the same image repeated several times, huge Walls of just one image, and so on. Find the limits and boldly push right through them!



My friend, the time has come for you to put down this document and begin your mission of Pop 9 mastery. Only deeds, not words, can connect you with the incredible pattern pop-art of you fondest desires. Pop 9 opportunities are all around you - exactly 39 have passed you by in the time it took to read this sentence! Be fast, be ever-ready, and start clicking at everything! Your incredible journey has begun; take a firm grip of the Pop 9's golden tails and hold on tightly.

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