1. SAY BABY!! I can't get the film to load correctly!

There is a bit of a technique required to load the Pop 9. When you pull out the leader, make sure that the perforations are strongly hooked around the little spikes on the take-up roll AND the small bottom cog. The natural curl of the leader will press the perforations against these spikes - unless you pull out too much leader! If the film doesn't take up, push some of the leader back inside the film roll, and try again.


2. Hey you, my pictures came out kind of dark and grainy.

Without the flash, the Pop 9 needs bright, sunny conditions to work. If shooting outdoors on an overcast day or indoors without a flash, some graininess will appear in your photos. Remember, if the light ain't bright, turn on the flash!

And keep note of the flash distances by ASA speed for best results.


3. And my pictures are completely black! What gives!

Boo-hiss! You left the lens cover on! Unless you are planning a minimal modern art exhibition -- exploring the depths of possible black tones in photography - we highly suggest that you remove the lens cover anytime you wish to use the Pop 9.


4. My battery keeps dying inside the flash. Woe is me!

Always be sure to shut the flash off when you are done using it. The green ready light is attractive, and we would all love to see it glow forever, but it's not a good policy for your battery life. And, if you are not going to use the Pop 9 for an extended time (not likely!), take the battery out.

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