Analogue Prints

Handmade by Lomography

The Perfect Print Service For Analogue Photographers

  • Enlarged Directly from Negatives
  • No Scanning Involved
  • Available in Different Formats (inc. panoramic)
  • Exclusive Sizes up to 60x80cm / 70x70cm

5 Reasons To Love Analogue Prints

  1. They are Deeper & More Vibrant than digital prints
  2. They have richer colors
  3. Fully authentic and natural grain
  4. Each one is a totally unique work of art
  5. Our team of analogue professionals treat your negatives better than anyone else!

Improve Your Living Room With An Analogue Print

Do you shoot analogue? Well now you can also get analogue enlargements of your photos too! Order an analogue print and our team of lab professionals will transfer all the beauty of your photo directly onto premium photographic paper using the optical enlargement method. The whole process involves no scanning, digital corrections or sharpening; you’ll get a totally unique work of art to hang on your wall and enjoy for many years to come. Order a print now and see the stunning results for yourself!

This service is currently only available in Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

Why Analogue Prints?

The moods of the colors in analogue prints are totally different from digital. Each print brings the full vitality and beauty of your photos to life. Analogue enlarged prints have deeper tones, are more vivid and offer totally natural colors. That’s exactly why this optical enlargement technique is employed by professional photo galleries across the world such as the MoMA. Enlarging prints from a digital scan is never as close to the original as a direct optical enlargement; professional analogue photographers often demand analogue enlargements to ensure the artistic integrity of their work.

Producing prints in this way allows a 100% analogue process which begins from the moment you load your camera up until hanging your print on the wall. Analogue black and white prints yield beautiful, well-balanced contrasts and density whilst analogue color prints are warmer and richer than their digital counterparts. Cross processed prints will appear softer with colors taking on a life of their own!

  • 1.

    Pick your most favorite photo and proceed to choose a format, size, paper and mount you love.

  • 2.

    Pack your negatives nicely and mail them to us (You can also drop them off at one of our Gallery Stores)

  • 3.

    We produce your prints carefully; the good, old analogue way (Without a computer or scanner in sight)

  • 4.

    We mail you your prints and negatives (Or you can pick them up from the Gallery Store where you dropped them off)

Placing Your Order

Through the Online Shop

You can pick out your desired paper and finish in the Online Shop and post it together with your negatives and receipt to your closest Lomography Gallery Store or LomoLab.

Order prints now

At Lomography Gallery Stores

You can also place your order and hand in your negatives after checking out the above paper options for yourself, at any one of our European Lomography Gallery Stores.

Find a store

This service is currently only available in Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.


If you place your order by post, your Analogue Prints together with your negatives will be delivered right to your door in robust shipping tubes or cushioned packaging.

If you place your order directly at a Lomography Gallery Store, then your prints can be picked from the same store.

In both cases, prints will be delivered within two and a half weeks of receipt of negatives.

Formats & Sizes

Not only do we offer standard and square formats (in various sizes up to 60 x 80 / 70 x 70 cm) but all those special panoramic film formats and exposed sprocket holes can be done as well! Simply drop off your Spinner 360°, Sprocket Rocket or Horizon negatives and prepare yourself for some particularly impressive results.

Papers & Finishes

We offer black and white silver gelatine prints on Ilford Baryta and color prints on Kodak Endura Ultra paper; both are available in either a glossy or matte finish, with or without a white frame.

Aluminium Mounted Prints

Want to give those photos that classy art gallery look and feel? Then there’s nothing better than mounting your prints onto 2mm solid aluminium. You can even choose to equip it with an aluminium hanging frame that will make your image appear as if it’s floating on the wall!

Check Out The Prints Instore

Want to take a closer look at just how beautiful the Analogue Prints can be? No problem! You can simply drop into any of our European Gallery Stores and take a look at some examples for yourself. While you’re there you can also place an order and hand in your negatives. Just see above for the different paper and printing options. You’ll then be able to pick up your prints directly from the Store! *

*This service is currently only available in Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.