RedScale Film by Lomography

This is the world’s very first pre-loaded and ready-to-shoot RedScale film – designed to re-cast your image in a sea of powerful and seriously intense red, orange, and yellow tones. With your “red-eyes” fully focused, allow us to show you this wunderbar effect – all thanks to a very special film that’s spooled on the wrong side.


History & Development

The “Red Scale” effect has actually been with us for quite a while. You see, your average 35mm color negative film has a semi-transparent layer on the back. – designed to keep stray light from getting onto the sensitive emulsion on the front. At some point, a few bright photographers got the idea to load the film “backwards” and actually shoot through this protective layer. The result is close to shooting through a reddish-orange filter. But unlike a filter, the effect is a bit unpredictable and varies in strength depending on the subject and light source.

We’ve always loved the effect, but the whole process wasn’t all that convenient. Lomographers do a lot for the sake of their images: processing in the wrong chemicals, taping up seams, tossing film in the washing machine, leaping head over arse, and so on. But if things can be easier – and therefore “BE FAST,” then why not go for it? So we worked with our friendly neighborhood film suppliers and cooked this up: a pre-loaded, ready-to-shoot, and ready-to-rock RedScale film. At first, this “RedScale” concept was a bit strange for the film factory to accept. Convincing management – who in turn had to convince their technicians – to spool the film in reverse was no easy task. They told us in no uncertain terms: “this sounds absolutely mad.” But the results – and the sample images that we’ve got here – speak for themselves. RedScale film is THE analog photography news of the year!


Living in the Red

Ever shot a roll of sepia film? Ever marveled at the way that it reveals your image in smooth monotones with a silky color wash on the top? Here’s a hyper-saturated version of that idea – with reds and oranges defining your key colors and a slightly random filtration effect that leaves some areas a little natural and some redder than hell. Things are a bit unpredictable, a little bit Yellow Submarine, a little bit red in the cheeks, and wholly unlike anything any other analog images that your camera can chew up and spit out.

Easy Development

Once all of your shooting is done, here’s the best part: this film is developed in exactly the same way as normal 35mm color film. That means el cheapo development is possible at any lab, drugstore, supermarket, swapmeet, or wherever else offers standard processing. Rated at 100ISO and packing 36 exposures per roll it is hungry for sunlight, thirsty for long exposures, and quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.