• Sharp Wide Angle Shots

    With its ultra-wide 20mm focal length, the New Russar+ allows you to take sweeping, wondrous and magnificent wide angle shots. It's perfect for capturing landscapes, architectural shots, portraits and street photography. The New Russar+ allows you to capture the beauty of the world from stunning perspectives.


  • The Beauty of Russian Optics

    Years of high quality optical engineering experience at Zenit and the innovative design updates from Lomography have resulted in a lens which is a wonderful hybrid of old and new. The 1958 Russar MR-2 was made out of aluminum whereas the New Russar+ is now handcrafted out of brass and is chrome plated; this makes the New Russar+ more rigid and durable. With less then <0.1% distortion, the New Russar+ has near perfect distortion control, so your images are a wonderful mirror of wide-angle reality. This glorious reinvented lens is also multicoated to reduce flare and surface reflection. Plus the New Russar+ has a modified lens tube construction to make it compatible with a whole host of different digital and analogue cameras.


  • Take Full Control

    Enjoy a new style of shooting with the New Russar+’s manual settings which allow you to truly get to know your lens and control exactly how you take photos. The manual settings are all part of the New Russar+’s charm. Shooting with the New Russar+ lens attached to your camera is an intimate and creative experience which encourages you to enjoy every moment; from turning the focusing wheel and manually setting your aperture and focusing distance, to the instant you click down on the camera shutter, the entire process of photography becomes more magical and special.


  • A Truly Special Character

    Because of its rich history, excellent optical engineering and authentic Russian style, the New Russar+ is a lens brimming with unique character. The New Russar+’s special personality is not only demonstrated in its appearance but also in the distinctive and gorgeous photos it produces. Its shots are vibrant and colorful, momentous, powerful and beautiful – each photo you take is packed with charming Russian character.


  • A Beautifully Complex Construction

    The New Russar+ is handmade and features a beautifully complex symmetrical internal construction. Despite having an incredibly compact design, it contains 6 lens elements in 4 groups. The new-moon shaped outer elements are especially difficult to manufacture and integrate within the lens design. In the premium optics industry, lens elements are manufactured by cutting glass blocks into small bricks, and then polishing them to the very specifically required shapes. Thus, elements with a small radius, which have a deep recessed concave shape and are slim like the New Russar+ are very difficult to produce in a precise way. Very few lenses nowadays have this complex design structure. Thankfully, with their years of technical experience developing premium, high-quality optics, the team at Zenit are more than capable of producing this technically advanced lens!

    The New Russar+ design utilizes the benefits from its new-moon shaped front and rear elements, to achieve almost distortion free photos and excellent vignetting control. The New Russar+ also has fantastic evenness of illumination and resolution.