Russia Day Lomo LC-A+

Competition Terms and Conditions

  • The entrant who submits a photograph to the competition page in September and later happens to have a baby born before any other entrant on June 12th 2012 will be rewarded with a Russian Family Van.
  • Only those who are of legal age (18+) will be eligible for the prize.
  • By participating in the competition, you fully understand and agree that Lomography plays no part whatsoever in your decision to have a baby and, as a result, cannot be held responsible for any issue that may arise from this.
  • Only people willing to have a baby anyway and who will responsibly bring up the child in a warm and loving environment should consider participating.
  • Homosexual couples who are expecting a child via a surrogate mother are not excluded from the competition and are more than welcome to participate.
  • The Car for a Baby Competition was simply inspired by the real-life event in Russia; it does not share any political affiliations or motivations with it.
  • Lomography’s role is to simply award a car as a prize to any competition entrant who has a child born on the date June 12th 2012. It bears no other responsibility towards the child or the winners themselves.
  • If more than one baby is born on June 12th 2012, then the parents of the baby who is born earliest on this day will be named the winner.
  • The competition runners-up (those who also entered the competition and also had a baby born on June 12th) will receive a Russian scooter – However, we only have 3 scooters to give away – In the case of multiple Russia Day babies, the 3 scooters will be awarded to the runners-up whose baby is born earliest on June 12th 2012.
  • If there are no runners-up for the Grand Prize, the three entrants whose photos we like most from the September entries will each win a Russian scooter.
  • Once again, Lomography accepts no responsibility or liability regarding any decision by the participants to have a baby, but Lomography does not condone, under any circumstances, the use of any methods which might artificially alter the birth date.
  • Any photo featuring nudity which is uploaded to the competition page will be disqualified.
  • Any pictures submitted to the competition must be taken on an analogue film camera and not be digitally manipulated.