That’s the thing about Sidekicks – just when you think its’ all over, they show up and save the day! So it is with the long-overdue return of the original Sidekick – the most popular and top-selling bag among Lomographers. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a re-issue. Oh no! We’ve been busy tweaking and testing the TPE material we use and now, finally, we are very pleased to bring to you the new, the improved - ultimate Sidekick bag.

Back in 2002, we introduced a new Lomographic bag concept with the name, "Sidekick." Like a Robin to your Batman or a Sancho to your Don Quixote, the Sidekick Bag is the perfect companion for all of your daily adventures. In one go the Sidekick managed to fulfil a host of Lomographic Golden rules starting uncannily with no.1: “Take your camera Everywhere You Go”. Designed as two independent parts that can be worn together or separately, the Sidekick performs the double-duty of (1) keeping your all-important Lomographic cameras at a finger's reach and (2) efficiently transporting all of your crucial daily items. When everything fits so conveniently around your shoulder, taking your camera everywhere becomes second nature. Thus, the ever-loyal Sidekick facilitated yet another crucial Lomographic Rule: “Lomography is not interference in your life – but a part of it”.

So began the beautiful friendship between the Lomographer and the Sidekick bag. The original TPE bag proved to be a massive hit within and beyond the Lomographic community - so much so that we've commissioned a re-animations of the original – the Sidekick Canvas and the Leather Sidekick bags and the more compact Lite editions. The improved Sidekick bag also comes Lite.