What is SNATCH!?
  • It could be an exclusive Lomographic product, a dirt cheap bundle or freebie Piggies. Available only to the first few people who spot it and just for a very short time.
  • Keep watching! We are playing hide and seek with you with these offers. Snatch! offers are hidden in blog posts, articles in the magazine,comments… It’s up to you to find them and snap them up.
  • Snatch! will also tip you off before exciting, new products are launched on
  • If you see a Snatch! offer somewhere on the Lomography website – DON’T PANIC! Just follow the links to the shop to snap it up.
  • Remember, if you see a piggy giveaway graphic send us an email saying “SNATCH!” to as quick as your little fingers will allow you to type. Just remember to include your username and the exact location of where you saw it in the email!