1. Shoot

Loading the film

To take your first shots you need to load the camera with 35mm film. This film can be purchased and developed everywhere. Follow these instructions to load your camera properly:

Start Shooting

To make sure that your images are correctly exposed you must adjust the aperture setting [9] on your camera to match the film you are using and the environment that you are shooting in. The Lomography Spinner 360° has two aperture settings: f/16 (sun icon) and f/8 (cloud icon). The shutter speed (i.e. the rotation speed) of the camera lies between 1/125 and 1/250 of a second. The sunny/cloudy setting on the camera is designed for use with a standard ISO 400 film. Practically you should keep 3 points in mind:

The Lomography Spinner 360°'s rotation speed is between 1/125 and 1/250 of a second and makes the camera especially suitable for shooting outdoors in daylight. If you are in low light conditions (indoors, artificial light settings etc.) you can make the camera turn slower by releasing the cord slowly by hand. For long exposures hold the camera's Handle [7] in one hand and turn the camera with the other hand. That way you can manually adjust the shutter speed of the camera.

Adjusting Camera Settings

Rewinding and Removing the Film

After shooting up to 8 panoramas your film comes to an end. You will realise this when the Cord [8] doesn’t go inside the Handle [7] anymore and the camera doesn’t turn anymore. It’s now time to rewind your film:

Shooting tips