Spinning in: Paris and La Clusaz, France

28 year old Jean Baptiste originally comes from Lille in northern France and nowadays lives in Paris working as a sound designer in a recording studio. A graduate in cinematography and addict to photography JB is known within the Lomography community as jeabzz. His pictures made it into the winners list in numerous competitions and he recently produced a series of international doubles with dyed-in-the-wool Lomographers satomi and mephisto19.
When JB told us he was heading off on a snowboarding trip to La Clusaz in the French alps, we wasted no time sending him a Lomography Spinner 360°. His results are more than pleasing – he fired through all kinds of emulsions and takes you on a psychedelic trip through his world.


Q&A with JB:

You’ve been spinning around with this camera for several months now. What do you think of it?
This is a great camera. It’s simple to use and gives stunning results. I had a lot of surprises when shooting with this cam, especially when I discovered the huge panoramas the Spinner produces. After shooting for a while I became addicted to my funky Spinner.

What is your approach to Lomography Spinner 360° Lomography?
I just take it with me everywhere I go and shoot.

Your favourite technique?
Make new friends and overhead spinning.