Spinning in: Winnipeg, Canada


Q&A with Kert:

Playing with the Spinner for a few weeks now, where have you gone to with your Spinner 360°? Any famous sights or interesting people you’ve captured ’round and about?
When I received my Spinner 360°, I knew I wanted to take it someplace special for it’s inaugural journey. What better place to go than at a carnival? I figured that spinning rides + a spinning camera would equal awesome pictures. :) The timing worked out just perfectly, as I Red River Exhibition rolled into Winnipeg right after my Spinner 360° came in the mail! My friend Vince and I bought some tickets, 5 rolls of film, and we were off!

The sun was getting close to setting by the time we go there, so we knew we had to work quick... The first ride we went on were those flying swings and that’s where we got two of our best shots!

Have you tried any of our masterclass Spinner techniques? Do you have any favourite shooting style so far?
My favourite shooting style has to be the Rollercoaster. I absolutely love the way it distorts the background, and kind of makes the image look like it was shot through a funhouse mirror. I love the idea of the TimeScan, and I’ve tried a few experiments with it, but I haven’t achieved the look I’m going for just yet... A few more tries, and I think i’ll get it!

In your first few Spinner 360° shots, which one are you most pleased with and why? Of all the shots I’ve taken so far, i’m most happy with this one of my friend Vince and I on the swings. I think it really captures the joy both of us were having when using the Spinner 360° that night.

Have you discovered any top-secret tips you’d like to share to the topsy-turvy analogue world during your Spinner excursion?
I have quite a few ideas for some cool techniques, but having my spinner for only 2 weeks, I haven’t had enough time to try them all! I’m devoting Canada Day long weekend to Spinner 360° experimentation :)

What reactions have you received from onlookers/other people while shooting with the Spinner?
People really aren’t sure what to make of the Spinner 360° when you first show it to them... One person thought it was a ’gag’ camera and it was going to spray him in the face with water or something, lol! Once they see what it does, the people that i’ve encountered are very intrigued, but are equally confused since you can’t see the image right away. I find people are way too spoiled by the instant gratification of digital cameras, and don’t know the joy of picking up your film, and ’discovering’ your images. It feels like unwrapping birthday presents every time I look at a new roll! :)

Given a chance to take the Spinner 360° to anywhere in the world, where would you take it and what subject would you like to capture?
If I could take the Spinner 360° Anywhere in the world, I’d love to take it on the International Space Station! I think it would be really fun to take the Spinner 360°, pull the rip cord, and have it float around inside a few of those cool looking modules! Could you imagine taking it outside the ISS and getting a panorama of the earth and the ISS in the same shot?! Man, I think that would be absolutely killer! Someone at the Lomographic Society should really talk to NASA and see if they can get a Spinner 360° up there on one of the next missions! :)

Aside from outer space, I think taking the Spinner 360° underwater while snorkelling would be a really fun idea! You’d have to find a way to keep it dry, but I think you’d be able to get some pretty cool shots underwater with coral and fish swimming all around!

How would I describe the Spinner 360° in three words?
"A Plastic Revolution!"