Spinning in: Singapore, South East Asia

Hailing from the Republic of Singapore, Lawrence aka lawypop surprises us with a magnificent set of group hugs. What’s group hug? It’s the technique where you assemble a maximum amount of people around you and capture them all in 360 degrees. Lawrence is an amiable chap who’s a graphic designer by day, a Lomographer by heart, an avid fan of sunglasses and a professional when it comes to capturing masses of people around him. From sportsmen to swimmers and the local trombone player society – Lawrence is where the action happens and brings it home to you.


Q&A with Lawrence:

What is your approach to Lomography Spinner 360° Lomography
To quote that 80s song by Dead or Alive; &quot;You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby...&quot;<br /> I've been taking the Spinner camera almost every weekend since early this year. At first I took scenery but later I tried to look out for events such as sports events (triathlon), festivals or any place where there were people doing activities so as to make my composition interesting.
After using the camera for 6 months it changed the way I look at things when I want to take a picture. I tend now to visualize them in 360°, so it has made me shoot in new perspective.

Your favourite technique?
The Backflip! I dare not try the Tooth Breaker!!

Your Spinning tips?
1) Always remember to smile because YOU will be included in the shot!
2) Use high ISO film or push the developing when shooting indoor.
3) Treat your Spinner with slide films when it’s a super sunny day!
4) Don't be afraid to be the centre of attraction! Wear funny glasses like me!
5) Think 360° when you shoot including what's above and below you.