Spinning in: Nuernberg, Germany


Q&A with Dirk:

Playing with the Spinner for a few weeks now, where have you gone to with your Spinner 360°? Any famous sights or interesting people you’ve captured ’round and about?
I took it almost everywhere, the time was just right, met some lomographers for a bbq, soccer world cup with parties everywhere and the famous Norisring.

Have you tried any of our masterclass Spinner techniques? Do you have any favourite shooting style so far?
Of course I tried spinner techniques, but it’s really hard to choose a fav. I think it depends even more to the surrounding you want to capture. But if I had to choose one it would be everyone except the toothbreaker. This one scares me for real.

In your first few Spinner 360° shots, which one are you most pleased with and why? It’s the one with the gigantic Darda race track. I had one of these when I was a kid and almost 30 years later I just figured out they’re still existing or is it some kind of comeback? Who knows...

Have you discovered any top-secret tips you’d like to share to the topsy-turvy analogue world during your Spinner excursion?
Oh yeah, pay attention to your settings, the aperture switch may stuck between cloudy and sunny...

Given a chance to take the Spinner 360° to anywhere in the world, where would you take it and what subject would you like to capture?
Wow, I would like to go diving with a bunch of manta rays that might be awesome...Ok, back to real life, I would like to take it to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert.

Any last words?