Spinning in: Amersfoort, Netherlands


Q&A with Joel:

Playing with the Spinner for a few weeks now, where have you gone to with your Spinner 360°? Any famous sights or interesting people you’ve captured ’round and about?
I bought the Spinner 360° in Berlin last monday but we didn’t have the time to see the rest of the fantastic city (we had another 7 our drive back to the Netherlands ;-) ).

But i do know my way around Berlin and will definitively head back soon!

Have you tried any of our masterclass Spinner techniques? Do you have any favourite shooting style so far?
I’ve tried them all except the toothbreaker ;-)

So far i like the Footloose, Backspin and Standard spin. But i did however combine 2 of them in one shot: Footloose and Rollercoaster in one go ;-) And that was awesome!!!!

In your first few Spinner 360° shots, which one are you most pleased with and why?
Probably the combined one woth Footloose and Rollercoaster technique in one. During a rest on a parkinglot in Hannover.

Have you discovered any top-secret tips you’d like to share to the topsy-turvy analogue world during your Spinner excursion?
Not yet ;-) But who knows ;-) If i do i’ll get back to you asap.

What reactions have you received from onlookers/other people while shooting with the Spinner?
"What kind of detonator is that?".

Pretty standard but funny: "Where is the LCD screen?".

"OMG you have the Spinner??????? Where did you buy that??"
Answer: "We drove to Berlin to get these". Reaction: blank stare, shaking his head in disbelieve ;-)

Given a chance to take the Spinner 360° to anywhere in the world, where would you take it and what subject would you like to capture?
Six flags in the USA!! Would like to use the Spinner 360° while taking a ride on Superman The Ride ;-) in disbelieve ;-)

Finally, how would you describe shooting with a Spinner in 3 words?
Fan Frickin’ Tastic :-D