Spinning in: Madrid, Spain


Q&A with Marigel:

Playing with the Spinner for a few weeks now, where have you gone to with your Spinner 360°? Any famous sights or interesting people you’ve captured ’round and about?
Last week I was taking some Photos with my the spinner in Madrid (Spain) and I try to get a photo of the "Cibeles" fountain, and a policeman came to me and told me is forbidden to be so close, So I smiled and said "It’s just one photo". He look at the camera and ask me, how it works?, I talk with him and after some words he asked me to take a picture of him with my spinner... It was a really icebreaker. And I got a great photo of the Cibeles and an amazing photo of the policeman.

Have you tried any of our masterclass Spinner techniques? Do you have any favourite shooting style so far?
I think the only one I haven’t try, is the toothbreaker, And definitely my favorite is the Technique #3 the Backflip... I love the results, that really spin around the world.

In your first few Spinner 360° shots, which one are you most pleased with and why? I think my first shot is the one, because i didn’t know what to espect, (I was trying a prototipe that Lomography send to Pasquale Caprile -Ambassator of Spain-) and when I developed i was amazed... I love the curvature of the horizon.

Have you discovered any top-secret tips you’d like to share to the topsy-turvy analogue world during your Spinner excursion?
I have try to take some photos in a really dark place (a Karaoke) with a light taped at the top of the camera and turn out are preatty good...

What reactions have you received from onlookers/other people while shooting with the Spinner?
a loud "aala" or "woww" and a lot of questions... and everybody ask if they can take a picture...

Given a chance to take the Spinner 360° to anywhere in the world, where would you take it and what subject would you like to capture?
some beach with many people and tons of colored umbrellas...

Finally, how would you describe shooting with a Spinner in 3 words?