Spinning in: Istanbul, Turkey

Nural is our girl in Turkey. Although she spends a lot of her time running business in the HR department of a multinational concern, 26 year old Nural Idrisoglu is a Lomographer at heart. When she got her hands on the Lomography Spinner 360°, she took it straight on a road trip around Turkey. Ancient Greek towns, sanctuaries and cathedrals were on the list as well as crowded beaches and awe-inspiring lookouts that jump out at you, along with Nural’s lovely smile and ever changing hairdo.


Q&A with Nural:

You’ve been spinning around with this camera for several months now. What do you think of it?
It's a great camera! It’s a little too big and therefore attracts suspicious eyes (especially at airports!!), but I love shooting with this camera! It's quite easy to use since there are not too many things you can change or control. The only tricky part for me was that I kept leaving it in "rewind" mode and ended up with a blank roll! But after I got used to it, I started listening to the sounds to figure out if I had a roll in and if it was working properly.

What is your approach to Lomography Spinner 360° Lomography?
Always have it with me, in case I see great scenery...

Your favourite technique?
I love the Backflip mode! It creates such different images than the rest, such a different point of view.