Spinning in: Tenerife, Spain

Where should we start with Chema Hdez? He’s a digital artist from Tenerife, a Lomographer known as sinvertigo, an analogue master who enjoys breathtaking views, a man who likes to wear sunglasses and wigs and who owns a great vintage car. Check your calendar as you’ll want to book a flight to Tenerife immediately after seeing Chema’s gallery.


Q&A with Chema:

You’ve been spinning around with this camera for several months now. What do you think of it?
Play with the Spinner it's so funny... people are amazed by it!
The only thing you should worry about is what's behind you, and always keep a smile!

What is your approach to Lomography Spinner 360° Lomography?
I'm a portrait photographer, I like to take people’s photograph, but the Lomography Spinner 360° showed me a new way to experience panoramic photography... and I like it!

Your favourite technique?
The standard one, and the group hug!