Spinning in: Raiatea Island, French Polynesia

One of the most active members in the Lomography community, Stéphane aka vicuña currently lives in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As a history and geography teacher destiny bestowed him with a ticket to paradise when he got a contract to teach at a school in Raiatea, a small island located next to Tahiti in French Polynesia. Stéphane also recently kicked off his breathtaking Raiatea Lomographic School project where he raises the next generation of Lomographers in Raiatea.
There’s no doubt that this man is a hardcore Lomographer from head to toe – he definitely had to become a beta tester for the Lomography Spinner 360°!
In an amazing gallery Stéphane leads us through his universe and gives us a glimpse of what life is like in paradise.


Q&A with Stéphane:

Stéphane, what was your first impression when you saw the Lomography Spinner 360°?
When I first received the package with this mysterious new product, I was really really surprised. ”What is that?” I asked myself, and looked carefully all around the cam to know what it was and how it worked. The cool part of the discovery was that I quickly figured out how it worked and what kind of pictures it could produce. And I couldn’t wait to try it out and test it. Since this discovery I’ve shot quite a few rolls and it always amazes me to see this fascinating spinning movement and the constantly surprising pictures this camera produces. It‘s for sure one of the most amazing Lomographic cameras I’ve had in my hands. At the same time the idea is so simple and the mechanism so basic that a kid can understand it and use it in a few seconds!

What is your approach to Lomography Spinner 360° Lomography?
As I’m really a fan of wide panoramic spaces and landscapes this camera gives me a completely new universe to explore in 360 degrees. Recording everything around you on only one shot, including myself, that’s something I never imagined before. <br /> The new approach of this camera lies also in the self-portrait feature. I’m generally not so fond of self-portraits, I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, but this is changing with the Lomography Spinner 360°. There you are, at the same time, behind and in front of the camera, making self-portraits every time you shoot. I learned to smile a bit more in those special pictures and accept my face on the shots I took. In a way, the Spinner makes you more humble and self-aware: you’re not only a shooter, you’re also a subject, like everyone else.

What’s your favourite technique?
I’m not sure if I already have a favourite technique as I still like to try out different ways to shoot with the Lomography Spinner 360°. But the most surprising results I’ve come up with were using the “Rollercoaster” and especially the “Backflip” technique. When looking at the pictures your eye isn’t exactly sure what it’s looking at. It’s kind of surreal and challenges your sense of perception, as the human eye has never seen the world like this! If I had to choose my favourite technique it would be the “Backflip”.