The shooting possibilities with the Lomography Spinner 360° are endless. Here are some tried and tested techniques to get you started. They may even inspire you to come up with your own unique Spinning styles!


Stretch your arm, hold the camera steadily in one hand and pull the string with the other hand. Release the string to let the camera perform a 360-degree spin and smile; the camera captures everything around itself, including you.


Hold the camera abouve your head and pull the string. This avoids yourself being in the picture and captures a full panorama of your surrounding environment. Perfect for stunning landscapes.


Hold the camera in front of yourself but turn it by 90 degrees. Instead of the classic landscape horizontal aspect, you photograph the vertical perspective of your environment. This includes yourself and everything else situated in front or behind you. Perform this move while jumping down from somewhere for extra dramatic perspectives.


If you find yourselft in low light situations you need to manually spin the camera to obtain a good picture. Are you shooting in daylight but in overcast weather or in the shade? Pull the cord like you're used to but instead of releasing it abruptly, control the speed by hand. The Lomography Spinner 360° rotates slower and therefore you expose your image for a longer time.

What if you are shooting indoors or at night-time? Place the handle of the Lomography Spinner 360° on a steady surface, hold it tightly with one hand and slowly spin the camera with the other hand. Depending on how much light there is you can turn the camera a bit slowly, quite slowly or v-e-r-y slowly. The most important thing is that your speed of turning remains constant as otherwise you'll have a variety of exposures on one image.

You may also manually spin the camera to obtain partial panoramas; just take the camera and spin it quickly by hand for a quarter, half or indeed any fraction of a full rotation.


Rethink your perception of time and space. Instead of spinning the camera, keep it fixed while you turn the handle and advance the film. As you constantly record the same spot through the tiny slit of the camera everything that doesn't move (i.e. the landscape) will stretch horizontally as long as you turn the handle. In contrast, as soon as a moving object enters the scene it will be recorded and - depending on its speed and your speed of turning the handle - will be depicted more or less naturally. This kind of photography is not about freezing a moment but rather recording the flow of time and space.

Extra: instead of holding the camera itself still, move it and if you are brave, record a moving subject too. This is the ultimate spinning craze that annihilates all the rules of conventional photography. In fact this technique is so insane that its resulting images can hardly be deciphered.


Shooting with the Lomography Spinner 360° requires two hands: one to hold the camera and one to release the cord. But what if you need one hand for something else and still want to take a picture? It's easy: you pull the string with your teeth. Attach something soft and tasty (like a cork) to the string of the camera so you can pull it with you teeth. Hold the camera in one hand and pull the string with your teeth. While the camera takes a picture you can ride your bike, pick your nose or shake hands with the president.


Turn the camera upside down, pull the string and release it while you hold the camera close to the ground. This dramatic perspective recalls your view from performing a headstand only without a headache or your feet showing on the image.


Instead of holding the camera on a horizontal level, hold it aslant. As the camera rotates in one full circle you’ll receive images in wavelike perspectives. The whole world magically transforms from a flat surface into a roller-coaster of forms and figures.


Arrange all your friends and family in a small circle, hold the spinner 360° exactly in the middle, make sure it's in a horizontal position and spin it. It's good to have friends and even better to have them all in one picture!


The Lomography Spinner 360° is not only for taking pictures; it's a tool for interaction and investigation; the ultimate form of socio-cultural communication! Take the Lomography Spinner 360° out on the streets, approach the object of your desire, hold the handle of the camera and ask him/her to pull the trigger-cord. The result: a total surprise to the unkonwing stranger ("uh oh what is that?"), a new friend and a lovely picture with both of you in it.