The Splitzer - The Lomo LCA+ Image Slicer

Living on the Edge

To tell the truth, full-frame has done pretty well by us over the past years. With a LC-A+ in hand, it's nice to take a straight-off, one-shot image of your favorite person, animal, or thing. It's also pleasant to "get a little wild" and multiple-expose that same full frame image.

But what about going past that large, single full-frame? How about diving into halves and quarters? What about dictating exactly what appears on your photo - and exactly where it appears? Take that image in front of your face and slice it straight down the middle. Slap it onto the right side of your image, and then take a breath. What do you want on the left? That's the beauty - the choice is yours! You can shoot it now, or take a week's holiday on the beach and shoot it then. You no longer just take the shots, you "call" them too!

To say that this is exciting is an understatement. This is no less than an earth-shattering new development in Lomography. By slicing and dicing your photos, you can re-combine them to make something entirely new. Or tell a story. Or just do something totally random and insane - in the hopes that the result is cool and pleasing. Don't worry - it probably will be, but you might want to shoot it a few times to be sure. With the Splizter, you'll never look at an LC-A+ image as a single whole again. Instead, you'll truly see it as the "sum of its parts" - which are happily decided upon and placed by you.

And to you free spirits - don't fret! This isn't some kind of cut-and-paste Photoshop job. The Splitzer handily introduces the opportunity for all kinds of happy mistakes. Certain parts of certain image fragments bleed into one another for unpredictable multiple-exposed portions. You'll almost certainly blow out a particular piece with WAY too much light every now and then. But that's just all part of the fun - isn't it? If Lomography can offer you one priceless thing, it's the guarantee of constant surprises when you pop open that fresh envelope of prints. The Splitzer is yet another way to keep those absolutely unique and totally knockout images flowing.

The Tao of Splitzing

Slice your image into halves. Dice it into quarters. Mince it into eighths. And whatever combination you can manage within that. A half on one side, a quarter on the other, and a little bit of black no-exposure for good measure. When "Splitzing," you call all the shots on what elements are where. Take two things that would never meet (ex. a pitbull with anger-management issues and a surly kitten) and make them literal kissing cousins. On your image [of course], not in real life. That could get messy.

The Lc-A+'s Best Friend

Once you've tasted the Splitzer's majesty, it's hard to imagine life without it. In fact, we advise that all Splitzer owners carry the item on their person at all times. No excuses here - it's small, lightweight, and extremely portable. You never know when a Splitzing opportunity may arise - and you'll surely want to be prepared. Or better yet, try to plan your slicing and dicing ahead of time. Either way, it's pretty much an everyday necessity.

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