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Not far from the train stations Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est, staged behind the hideous exit of an underground parking lot on Place Franz Liszt is a play told through photographs and suitcases. The Lomography Gallery Store Paris, is a beautifully atypical shopping experience. It is a meeting place for folks enraptured by the outrageous world of analogue photography and the activities of the Lomography worldwide platform. The 100 percent analogue boutique — with music blasting from a plastic vintage record player — offers an enormous selection of signature Lomography cameras, films, accessories and, if you’re lucky, even a free aperitif. An extra bonus: one of Paris’ biggest and fastest Photolabs is just around the corner.

  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris
  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris

Our lovely and “unparisianly” friendly staff with their funny accents are here to help and guide you through the world of Lomography: The magic of photo-cameras, film and the mysteries of development will be revealed to you. You can fondle all our products with your bare hands and get the right feel for it without shame!

Store Specials

Not enough. The Lomography Store Paris is not only here to supply you with our pretty products in nice surroundings. We do workshops, parties and in a hidden hallway you can behold the biggest LomoWall in France, dedicated to the theme of traveling.

  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris
  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris
  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris

Store History

After a jolly time jumping all the hurdles of French red tape and administrative procedures, the Lomography Gallery Store Paris finally opened in late November 2007. Originally it was planned as a sort of short time Pop Up Store, hence the display theme was “Selling out of Suitcases”. Then, for the grand opening, none other than Lomography Paris’ good friends and analogue afficionados, Herman Dune, played an unforgettable acoustic show. Ever since the store has been, not only a formidable forum for photography, but also a great musical venue for our notorious spur of the moment parties. Local celebrities like Dick Turner and His Magic Trombone, Wilfried*, and Fabien Fabre have played in-store shows as well as international newcomers Le Corps Mince de Françoise.

  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris
  • Lomography Gallery Store Paris

The French weekly magazine “Le Nouvel Observateur” went as far as to call the Lomography Gallery Store a secret dance club location. And from this tale you can deduce that what was planned as a temporary point of sales slowly grew into a permanent location. The Lomography Gallery Store Paris is here to stay for good. So if you are in the City of Love, drop by and say hello!


6 Place Franz Liszt

75010 Paris, France

Opening Hours: Mon: 2:00pm–7:30pm;
Tue-Sat: 11:30am–7:30pm;

phone: 0033 950 480 306

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