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The Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai is located in the modern and bustling Huaihai shopping district. Our six-floor building, typical of 1930s Shanghai is mixed in with cross-century metropolitan architecture of this cosmopolitan area.

  • Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai
  • Lomography Gallery Store Sshanghai

With a knowledgeable staff and a whole slue of workshops, gatherings and activities every month, each visit will bring a new experience. Featuring the complete line of Lomography cameras, accessories, special editions and film at your fingertips to hold and behold, this is an amazing location for Lomographers from all over the world to congregate with analogue enthusiasts be they local or passing through.

Shop Specials

The Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai features a combination of avant-garde Viennese interior design and a tint of European retro look. It houses, of course, the complete range of Lomographic cameras, including limited editions, books, bags and accessories. Also featured within its walls is the largest “LomoWall” in China, comprised of 10,000 handpicked and hand mounted Lomography photos. The photographs were collected through an online call to Lomographers around the world to show us Shanghai through their eyes and lenses. We will also exhibit regularly temporary collections by Lomographers and local artists, in addition to permanent displays.

  • Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai
  • Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai

As well as being a location for all your shopping needs, The Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai will also host weekly workshops, lectures and other interactive events. Even a relaxing place for you and friends to sit and talk in the Lounge Cafe on the fifth floor.

Shop History

It was a long time coming but finally on the same day as the Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary Birthday, in June of 2009, Shanghai was endowed with the country’s third(and the Biggest in China!!) Lomography Gallery Store. A truly analog space to enjoy! As with other locations around the world, stepping through the doors of the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai is like passing through a magic portal - you are instantly transported to the colourful world of analogue photography. Here we are committed to enhancing the love and joy of analogue photography for every Lomographer that comes in.

  • Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai
  • Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai

No. 126, Jin Xian Road

Lu Wan District, 200020 Shanghai, China

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 10:00am–10:00pm

phone: +86 21 6256 1054

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