As any deep-sea diver will tell you, you have to know your equipment. You may only be going down a few metres my friend but that is no reason to take your this thing lightly. The Fisheye Submarine is the 'action hero' of underwater, extreme sport, all-weather camera cases..built to endure and lovingly protect your precious Fisheye camera. But don't just take my word for it. This underwater casing can go down 20 meters (66 feet) and perfectly can hold either your Fisheye 1 or Fisheye 2 camera.

Fisheye Submarine underwater case
Clip-on flash diffuser
Rubber sealing rings
Lubrication & maintenance tools

Compatible with Lomography Fisheye & Fisheye 2 cameras
Safe operation up to a depth of 20m (65 feet)
Allows full access to shutter, advance, and flash controls
Usable in both salt and fresh water
Great for all-weather and extreme sports use

· No camera is included inside! This item requires a Lomography Fisheye or Fisheye 2 camera to take photographs.
· Fisheye 1 camera must have an on-off switch for its electronic flash to ensure full compatibility. If the Fisheye has a push button for its flash, then the flash must be used at all times within the Submarine case.