• One look at the quirky-looking Supersampler and you’ll quickly see that it's a camera like no other!

    This ultra-lightweight, low-maintenance 35mm camera fits perfectly in your hand for some wild and spontaneous shooting! Aim the Supersampler at your moving (or non-moving) subject, pull the ripcord, press the button - and voila! You have just "sampled" your subject in four panoramic panels. So how on earth is this possible?! See those four beady eyes nestled in front of its plastic body? Those are the ultra-talented, razor-sharp Japanese lenses that slice your image into four panels. Results are especially cool if your subject is in hyperactive motion. Or if you prefer to shoot non-moving objects, you can be the one doing the jumping and moving!

    This lightweight shoot-box operates without batteries, and needs a high ISO film (we recommend 800 ISO for all lighting conditions) of all kinds – colour negative, slides, redscale, or black & white.

    There are two speeds available - 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo). There’s absolutely no need to fuss about with complicated focus settings, because this baby has a fixed focus of 0.3 metre to infinity.

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