Essential Q and As!

  • How do I get my roll of film into the Supersampler?

    Open the back of the camera and simply push out the spool with your thumb. Now you can insert your film with no problem

  • My camera simply won’t work. Why can’t I either press the exposure release button or advance the film?

    Check the following:

    1. Have you really loaded a film into your camera? The shutter mechanism will not work without film inside!
    2. Is the film status display red? If yes, pull the cord gently until the indicator turns green!
    3. Is the film at the end? If yes, the counter already shows ‘E’ (for 36 exposures) or is over 24 (24 exp.) or 12 (12 exp.). You can’t wind the film any further and the indicator stays on red. You have to rewind the film and load a new one.
  • What film does the Supersampler take?

    Basically, you can use any regular 35mm (135) colour negative, black and white, redscale or slide film between 100 ISO and 800 ISO. However, you ought to choose the right film for the lighting conditions you intend to shoot in:

    1. 100 ISO: For bright sunlight without shade (e.g. on the beach, in snow)
    2. 200 ISO: For bright sunlight
    3. 400 ISO: For bright daylight
    4. 800 ISO: For cloudy days
  • Where’s the flash?

    The Supersampler does not have a flash. That’s why you can only use it outdoors and on sunny days for best effect! But that’s usually where the real action is going on anyway!

  • Where is the viewfinder?

    You ought to train yourself to Supersampler without a viewfinder so that you become more flexible and faster whilst shooting (try the famous ‘shot from the hip!’) But sometimes there are occasions when a viewfinder can be very useful, especially if you have to follow a particular movement precisely. On just such occasions, the itsy-bitsy rubber-frame (the viewfinder!) on the top of the camera should be of help.

  • What’s the little pull-cord for?

    This patented innovation is sensational, especially when things have gotta move fast – zzzzip and the camera is ready for use. If you pull gently until the first click, the film status display should hop from red to green. Please try it out a couple of times so that you don’t pull it too hard…and (eek!) maybe strain the mechanics of the camera. Note - Always be gentle when pulling the cord and never jerk it unnecessarily fast!

    The pull-cord is hanging limply from the Supersampler and won’t wind back in. What can I do? Uh-oh, it looks like you have a nasty dose of broken spring. Quick, pop the camera back into its box and mail it to us with a proof of purchase. We’ll soon get everything sorted out!

  • What’s the speed button on the back of the camera for?

    Cool, you have just discovered a little secret! If you push the button down you get 4 images almost at the same time (0.2 seconds between each – for high-speed analysis). But the highly important Supersampler standard setting is always with the button up.

  • Where can I get my Supersampler developed?

    The Supersampler is as flexible as they come. That’s why it takes 35mm film which can be developed pretty much anywhere where you can find a photo lab. Drug stores, supermarkets or your local photo lab should all be able to develop your Supersampler photos! It’s that easy!