How to

  • Buying the Right Film:

    Being a flexible and easy-going kind of guy, the Supersampler takes normal 35mm film, which can usually be found in your local supermarket, photo lab or conveniently in our film shop.

    Always be experimental but remember to go for a higher ISO film. A 100 ISO roll is generally not fast enough to catch those vital light rays that your Supersampler loves so much.

  • Loading the Film:

    Open the camera by sliding the lock that’s located next to the viewfinder.

    Raise the rewind crank located on top and put the roll of film inside. Fasten it by pushing the rewind crank back down again.

    Pull the film across so that the perforation holes of the film attach on to the little hook. Gently pull the cord once so that the film has wrapped once around the spool. Now close the back!

    Gently pull on the cord until the film status display changes from red to green.

    Press the exposure release button - pull the cord once – press the button again – advance the film until the indicator is green!

    You are now ready to shoot with your Supersampler! Rejoice.

    Please Note: Always remember to pull the rip cord gently! Show it some love.

  • How to Shoot with the Supersampler:

    Viewfinder, schmewfinder! The Supersampler embraces the “Don't Think” Golden Rule as much as any of the Lomography gang. Whilst the aim of the external viewfinder is to help you to estimate a shot, the art of true Supersampler success lies in sunshine and spontaneity... but here’s a handy rough guide just in case!

    Simply spy the scene you want to capture.

    Grab your Supersampler and take aim.

    Pull the ripcord!

    You have just started an unstoppable two second, multi-lens chain-reaction!

  • Unloading your finished film:

    So you’ve had a great time sampling some crazy four-frame action and used up all your film. But don’t worry, unloading the Supersampler is as easy as loading it!

    Rewind the film right to the end

    Then carefully open up the back of the Supersampler and pull the rewind lever firmly upwards, using your fingertips to remove the roll of film, which is held tightly in place by a spring.

    There you have your finished Supersampler shots! Get them developed and load it up with a brand-new roll. The adventure starts again!


Move your subject

Encourage your subject to prance and dance, jump and spin in front of those four ultra-sharp Japanese lenses. Just be sure to keep your Supersampler super-steady!

Move your camera

Feeling extra energetic? Put that hyperactivity to good use and move around your non-moving Lomographic object of desire! Flex your arms, extend your hands and get those four beaming Japanese lenses right into their face!

Shakin' not stirred

Fancy seeing the world go all topsy-turvy? With your Supersampler in hand, flick, shake, and twist your wrist for a wonderfully crazy perspective!

Across and up

Stretch things up a bit with this easy and fun trick! Flex your arms and pan your Supersampler from left-to-right, top-to-bottom (and vice-versa) -


X marks the Supersampler spot! Load up some slide film, execute your favourite Supersampler technique, and ask the film lab to "cross-process" it – this just means dunking your film in the "wrong" chemicals to fire up all the crazy, eye-popping colours in your image!


Follow up your X-Processing adventures with another X-rated trick - the Double-Exposure, that is. Shoot your roll, rewind it very carefully, and then reload the film! Doing this allows you to super-impose a stream of images over your previously used roll. Pretty cool, huh?