The TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards

With the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards, we’re asking you to explore the fringes of photography, push the boundaries and set foot in visual terra incognita. We know that the more we capture and share our reality, the more it refracts to show us new things about ourselves, the people who surround us, and this crazy planet we live on. That’s why we’ve developed 11 different categories, each designed to inspire you to shake up your perspective and step fearlessly into the unknown.

Through 10 unchanging categories and one special category which will change every year in order to reflect contemporary global issues, you’re invited to give us your version of events. We want to see the world through your eyes and understand what each of these themes mean to you. The winner of every single competition on the Lomography website is entered into the running to win one of the 11 categories of the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards. You can enter as many of our competitions as you like, and you can submit multiple photos to each one.

The TEN AND ONE Awards are judged by a carefully-selected panel of artists, industry professionals and long-time Lomographers. To read more about this year’s judges, please see our Judges page. Every year we dish out incredible prizes to 110 winners, including the finest Lomography’s cameras, a year’s supply of film and so much more. 11 lucky winners chosen at random from this pool of 110 will be awarded a one-week artist residency at Lomography HQ in Vienna.

Click here to see the incredible work produced by this year’s winners.

Lomography Competitions

Lomography stands for a freer and louder style of shooting — closer to life itself. Forget art school staples like framing and composure, forget looking through the viewfinder — we want you to feel the energy of the moment coursing through your veins, surrender to impulse and snap the shot. We don’t believe that anyone or anything should tell you what is beautiful.

Lomography competitions are all about celebrating this shooting style. We want you to create powerful images that make us feel how you felt when you snapped the shutter. Our competitions aren’t about one perfectly-composed shot passing the test and beating the rest. We’re not rivals, we’re fellow explorers on a Lomographic quest to capture, communicate and absorb this beautiful, bizarre and bewildering world in which we live.

Our competitions are built to push the boundaries of creative and experimental photography. We want you to shake up your perspective, stretch your imagination, and go boldly forth into the big bad world, camera in hand. We love seeing your incredible creations, and we love rewarding them even more. That’s why we run hundreds of competitions throughout the year, giving you the chance to win amazing prizes including creative photography goodies, Lomography Shop vouchers and so much more.