TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awardは11の異なるカテゴリーで構成されています。恒例の10のカテゴリーとその時の世界問題を反映して毎年決定される限定カテゴリーを通して、参加者の皆様独自の視点からみた世界を募集します。各テーマがあなたにとってどのような意味を持つかを考え、この奇妙でおかしな美しい世界での体験を世界中のロモグラファーと共有しましょう!

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Action Photography:



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Documentary & Travel:


作家のNeale Donald Walschは「日常の殻を破ったところから、真の人生が始まる」と語っています。『とっておきの場所』大賞では国境を超えた未知の世界へ踏み入れ、新しいことに挑戦して生まれた作品を募集します。

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Black & White:



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Nature Photography:



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Experimental Photography:



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Instant Photography:


No other medium lets you capture the moment and watch it turn into a memory just seconds later. The Now or Never Award asks you to share your instant snaps — those moments so precious that you couldn’t let them slip by without turning them into a frame to put on your wall, keep in your wallet, or post to a friend.

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New Perspectives:


Here at Lomography, we’re not really ones for rules. We’re aware that there are time-honored photographic techniques taught in art schools all around the world, we just like to ignore them. We think it’s even more fun to turn them on their head completely, which is exactly the Game Changers Award dares you to do.

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Every face tells a story, whether it’s a comedy, a tragedy a romance or a mystery. It’s a monumental task to capture that story in a single frame — and a challenge to which the Human Stories Award asks you to rise.

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Street Photography:


As photographer Robert Doisneau once said, “the marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.” The Urban Explorers Awards urges you to take to the streets and capture the chance encounters, beautiful coincidences and breathtaking simplicities that make everyday life extraordinary.

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Moving Image:


The Cinematics Award invites you into the world of videography. Whether you create your film with an analogue movie camera like the LomoKino, a Lomography Art Lens, or you edit images taken with a multi-lens camera into a short film, we want to see what has moved you to make a motion picture. No theme prescribed!

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Special Category Award

Every year, we introduce one special category to reflect current trends and contemporary global issues. See the winners.