A Double Shot of Vienna - Available separately or as a dynamic duo

The Lomography City Guide Vienna

• First-of-its-kind photo city guide for non-tourists, analogue lovers and cosmopolitan adventurers alike
• 1,400 analogue snapshots and 244 exquisite city-tips from 54 Vienna-crazy Lomographers over 256 pages
• From Lomographers for Lomographers: 100% made out of contributions to LomoLocations

The first photo city guide from Lomographers for Lomographers

The first city guide from Lomography guarantees you a truly alternative experience as intriguing and eccentric as Vienna itself! Made for Lomographers by Lomographers, far from listing the normal tourist traps, it’s a melting pot of 244 photo illustrated, insider tips for you to use as inspiration for your own snapshot adventures. Plus, it’s a dream factory for the eyes! Crammed with 1,400 previously unpublished Lomographs, prepare to be awestruck by the cream of the Lomography Archive that has been lovingly poured into every single page.

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244 tips, 7 chapters and a whole lot more

Don’t get the idea that the city guide is just for tourists. It’s bursting with the stuff that makes a Lomographer’s index finger twitch – everyday folk, accidental art, coffee houses, strudel, waltzes, night rambles, hidden haunts, cemeteries, fun fairs, hotel bars and the Vienna Boy’s Choir thrown in for good measure. The tips are personal and that’s what makes it so illuminating.

Think of the Vienna City Guide as that ridiculously on the pulse, culture vulture buddy that you wish you had with you on every trip. Throughout the 7 chapters (Vienna Urban Adventures, Lush Meadows, Summer Love, Night & Music Delirium, Winter Dreams, Café & Apfelstrudel Paradise and Jewels of the City) you’ll get to know the city from the Lomographer's point of view, which is: through possibly the most impossible perspectives there are. Add to this 3 handpicked LomoTours through the city, personal tips from artists, filmmakers, museum directors and other curious folk and images that will make your eyes pop! Be warned that with this guide in your hand you’ll probably never leave this city again.

Flicking through the book video

Vienna is just the start

Thank heaven there are other Lomography City Guides in the pipeline! There are so many amazing cities out there that we can’t wait to squeeze a few hundred LomoLocations out of for the next city guide. That’s right: each city guide is 100% made out of LomoLocations and whether it’s Berlin, Hong Kong, New York or Ulan Bator, we’ll start with roaming through our online database to see what’s fresh. Don’t think, just shoot and share it on LomoLocations – the rest is a cakewalk on the way to being featured in the next Lomography City Guide.

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What's Inside?

Vienna Urban Adventures | Conquer the streets with the critical mass


Vienna Lush Meadows | Catch the Squirrel

Vienna Summer Love | Alte Donau

Vienna Night & Music Delirium | Brunswick Bowling Lane

Vienna Winter Dreams | Jewish Cemetery

Vienna Café & Apfelstrudel Paradise | Café Prückel

Vienna Jewels of the City | Vienna Prater

Lomography Vienna Notebook

1. Introducing the handy and practical companion for your day-to-day activities! The Lomography Vienna Notebook is your daily shot of inspiration, and your personal space for relentless doodling, scribbling, and documenting! Best enjoyed when paired with the Lomography City Guide Vienna.

2. Scribble down your thoughts. Doodle your friends’ faces. List down your ideas. Schedule your next Lomographic mission … the Vienna Notebook offers plenty of space for these and more! 256 crisp pages for sketching and note taking, a monthly and 3-year calendar (2010-2013), colourful removable note-cards boasting Viennese impressions, and a back cover pocket to keep your cards and letters intact.

Part of an ongoing series of city-related notebooks that accompany our city guides, this hardback fellow is aptly adorned with 500 jaw-dropping miniature Lomographs of Vienna, as captured through the insatiable lenses of Lomographers!

It’s the unbeatable partner for the Lomography City Guide Vienna – take in all the inspiration from the city guide, and use the notebook to let your creativity run amok!

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The many uses of the Vienna Notebook

Use it to jot down nice words

Use it to plan your next 3 years

Use it for your photos

Use it to call your pal in Uzbekistan

Use it to organise your days and months

Share the love

Use it to store your photos

And many more things we can’t even imagine at the moment!

The more Vienna Notebooks you buy, the bigger discount you get!

Buy 5-9 Vienna Notebooks and each one costs just 15 EUR/ USD or 10 GBP! Buy 10+ Vienna Notebooks and each one costs 13 EUR/ USD or 9 GBP!
The Vienna City Guide & Vienna Notebook complement each other perfectly! Buy them together for 30 EUR/USD or 20 GBP.

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