[ PDF manual - 246k ]
Film type:
All standard 35mm
Triplet 69-3 40mm f/4
370 grams (0.8lb) (Camera Only)
13cm (5.1") x 8cm (3.15") x 6.5cm (2.5")
(Camera Only)
Focal range:
0.8m to infinity
Shutter speeds:
B, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250
Aperture Settings:
F/4, F/5.6, F/8, F/11, F/16
Flash Apparatus:
Standard hot shoe
sync at all Shutter Speeds

Detailed Specifications
1. Triplet 69-3 40mm F/4 Lens
An excellent high-contrast glass lens, designed by the precision optical department of the MMZ-BelOMO factory. It yields exceptionally sharp images and deep color saturation both day and night (with a flash or long-exposure).
  2. Manually Variable Shutter Speed
Twist the shutter ring to cycle between the following speeds (in fractions of a second): 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30 and "B" (the shutter will remain open for as long as you depress the shutter release button). After a shot is taken, the same shutter speed will be automatically remain set for the next shot.
  3. Manually Variable Aperture
Manual aperture controls enable you to select the size of your lens diaphragm opening, across the possible f-stops of f/4 (greatest possible aperture, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, and f/16 (smallest possible aperture. The greater the aperture, the more light is admitted through the lens. The smaller the aperture, the greater the possible depth of field (total amount of your image in focus.

Your exterior light is low. Choosing a large aperture (f/4) allows for a shorter required shutter time for proper exposure, thereby lessening the chance of camera shake or image blurring.

You want both your foreground and background to be in focus. Choose a small aperture (f/16) to maximize depth of field, allowing the lens and film to render the majority of the image in correct focus.

You would like to create a portrait. Choose a large aperture (f/4) to render your close foreground in focus, imposed against a very blurred background. Alternately, choose a medium aperture (f/5.6 or f/8) on a subject at medium focal distance, highlighting it in focus between a slightly out-of-focus foreground and a very out-of-focus background.
  4. Coated Viewfinder
An amber-coated viewfinder increases contrast and visibility in low-light and nasty conditions. Inside the viewfinder are parallax correction lines for shooting closer than 1m (3.25') away, and charming weather-symbol signs to indicate your aperture setting.
  5. Hot Shoe Attachment
Vilia includes a metal hot-shoe adaptor that will work with MOST commercial hot-shoe flashes. Any shutter speed will synch your flash with the shutter release, allowing you to vary your light exposure (command a brighter flash with 1/30 speed and a weaker flash with 1/250).

Note: The Lomography MiniFlash will not work with the Vilia Hot Shoe!

But, as the Vilia has a "B" setting, allowing you to hold open the shutter for as long as you like, while you sneak your MiniFlash around with the other hand and fire it with the test button!
  6. Faux Leather Carry Case
Fake leather crafted from the finest of fake cows! The Vilia case is water resistant, and allows you to shoot with the camera inside the case and swinging from your neck. A metal screw nut keeps your Vilia firmly in place, and an adjustable neckstrap allows the camera to hang anywhere from the middle of your chest to below your navel.