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Getting Married?
Treat Your Guests To Lomography Cameras And Make Huge Savings!

Whether it’s you, a friend or a relative who’s tying the knot, there’s no better way to create some lasting unique and colorful memories of your special day than by providing the guests with Lomography cameras to capture the whole event with!

We’re very pleased to welcome you to our Wedding Program! If you’re looking to add a special touch to a wedding, then there’s no better way than capturing the day through the lenses of some Lomography cameras! We have great savings available depending on the number of items you are looking to buy; simply fill-in our request form and we’ll contact you with an offer!

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Here's how it works:

  1. Pick the camera you find most suitable from our Camera Suggestions Section
  2. Fill in the request form with your details and requirements.
  3. We’ll process request and get back to you within 24 hours.
  4. You can save on a whole range of cameras!
lomography wedding guide

Why Lomography?

Want a unique reminder of your special day; a colorful and vibrant alternative to normal photographs and something that will make for a fun and exciting experience for your guests? Then look no further! Providing your wedding guests with Lomography cameras will surprise, bring smiles and offer some lasting colorful and unique memories of that special occasion.

And once the party has died down, they also make wonderful mementos for the guests. Special prices are available depending on the quantity you require. Just drop us a line and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours with an attractive proposal tailor made for your needs.
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Customize Your Very Own Wedding La Sardina DIY

Get a La Sardina DIY where you have the option to customize it yourself! Order 50 or more cameras and we can even help you with a unique professional design. Please get in touch to discuss options, timeline and prices.

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lomography wedding guide

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Camera Suggestions

To make things easier for you, we’ve handpicked a few of our finest, most loved cameras and sorted them by price range. Take a look below and pick out the ones which would suit you the most. Depending on the quantity you require, special prices are also available.

La Sardina

lomography la sardina

Available in a whole host of different designs, the La Sardina camera is incredibly easy to us and takes eye-opening super-wide-angle shots on normal 35mm film!

Visit the la Sardina microsite →

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We also have attractive saving options available for lower quantities of La Sardina DIY cameras.

Order 10 Cameras – Save 15% - Place your order now →

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lomography la sardinas samples

Diana Mini

lomography diana mini

An adorable, smaller version of the Diana+; the Diana Mini is jam-packed with features and style and can shoot 72 photos on a roll of 35mm film.

Visit the Diana Mini microsite →

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Order 10 Cameras – Save 15% - Place your order now →

Order 20 Cameras – Save 20% - Place your order now →

lomography diana mini samples


lomography diana mini

The classic Diana F+ is often nicknamed the Queen of Analogue Photography. Invite her to your wedding for a photographic treat!

Visit the Diana F+ Microsite

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Order 10 Cameras – Save 15% - Place your order now →

Order 20 Cameras – Save 20% - Place your order now →

lomography diana f samples

The Colorsplash

lomography colorsplash

This unique-looking little camera re-casts the world in a gorgeous riot of color! It will produce color-splashed shots at any time of day or night!

Visit the Colorsplash microsite →

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lomography lca samples

The Supersampler

lomography supersampler

The Queen of all multi-lensed cameras takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed photo! Perfect for when it comes to taking the party outdoors!

Visit the Supersampler microsite →

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lomography supersampler samples


lomography fisheye

The Fisheye One captures a sweeping 170-degree view compacting everything around into a compact circular image! Expect endless lighthearted fun.

Visit the Fisheye microsite →

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lomography fisheye samples

Lomo LC-A+

lomography lc-a

One of our most beloved cameras, the LC-A+ is capable of the most amazing photographs. Expect nothing but excitement over its analogue shadowy vignettes, eye-popping colors and sexy saturation.

Visit the LC-A+ microsite →

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lomography lca samples

Spinner 360°

lomography spinner
lomography spinner package

This unique camera goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic landscapes by capturing everything (and everyone) around you in one simply amazing 360° photo.

Visit the Spinner 360° microsite →

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lomography spinner samples

Film Suggestions

35mm film

35mm film

Negativo Color 100 – Buy Now

lady grey 35mm film

Lady Grey B&W 400 – Buy Now

xpro 35mm film

X-Pro 200 – Buy Now

120 film

120 col neg film

Color Negative 400 – Buy Now

earl grey 120 film

Earl Grey B&W 100 – Buy Now

120 800 iso film

Color Negative 800 – Buy Now


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