On a technical level, Single Lens Reflex cameras use a movable mirror placed between the lens and the film plane to project the image seen through the lens into your viewfinder. Once you peer into the camera, then quite literally – what you see is what you get. We are thrilled to present a selection of the finest Russian SLR’s on the market today. Made with pride by our Zenit partners, they are sturdy, robust, handsome, friendly, not quite “state of the art,” and totally irresistible. And they come from a classic pedigree: the first 35mm SLR camera was actually created in Russia back in 1935! Although they might appear a bit plasticky, have no fear – beneath that high-impact plastic skin lies an all-business steel skeleton and a glass lens that yields world-class tack-sharp images with the special kind of over-vibrant colors that only Russian optics can yield.


In case you haven’t heard, the highly congenial family of Zenit products takes their close relations extremely seriously. There’s nothing they like better than a good old-fashioned get-together around the barbeque bit. In recognition of this, we’ve assembled a few little packages of exceptionally well-paired family members.


Ladies & gentlemen, may we present the hands-down greatest Russian Fisheye lens of all time! 180 degrees of vision, crispy coated optics, a HUGE f/2.8 aperture, and that hardcore Russian color saturation all combine for the most exhilarating wide-angle experience of your life. Hold on tight!


Easily the most rugged and hardcore camera set of all time! The set is based on three elements: the Zenit 122s SLR body with through-the-lens metering and an M42 mount, the super-telephoto TAIR 300/4.5 lens, and the innovative rifle mount with a shutter-release trigger. Placing the stock against your shoulder allows you to take steady, extreme-close up shots with minimal camera shake. Great for global espionage, top-secret reconnaissance, and no-holds-barred birdwatching. Click the “Details” link on the right for full specs on each component. Also features a vinyl case and 5 glass filters. Free shipping included.


We've all had those times when you want a slow or long exposure, but a tripod is just too bulky or annoying to carry around. With this amazing item, those days have come to a dead end. Merely strap it to your chest and let your body be the tripod! Perfect for the Horizon, a single-lens-reflex camera, a Lomo LC-A, or even a compact videocam, the Chest Monopod is totally unique and unbelievably useful. With it, your camera is always ready to shoot, and no slow shutter speed can blur your hard work. The monopod is crafted in lightweight and durable hollow steel – with fully adjustable nylon straps. Only 50 units of this deadstock item are available.


Whether you've seen them once or a million times - authentic Horizon panoramic images are quite a thing to behold. Their double-wide length encompasses everything in front of your eyes and a good deal around your head. A unique barrel-effect that cannot be duplicated by any other camera sweeps across the image - imparting to each image heart-quickening and almost intoxicating drama. These dazzling panorama jewels are created with each touch of the shutter button - as this amazing analog camera goes about its regular business. The Horizon Kompakt and Perfekt are both the only Russian panoramic cameras produced today, and the only truly affordable panoramic cameras.


An authentic relic of Soviet intelligence era. Created after WWII, this subminiature espionage camera was issued only to intelligence agents. A sharp and fast lens, silent shutter, and clockwork motor drive allows for clandestine shooting. The included film cutter slices ordinary 35mm film into the MF-1's required 21mm format. It's tiny size allows for easy concealment. It is still classified as military technology and is only now available for civilian purchase. Free shipment included.