The Zenit company, founded back in 1942, is located in Krasnogorsk , Russia a smallish town located right outside of Moscow . Also known under its proper business name, S.A. Zverev KRASNOGORSKY ZAVOD, Zenit boasts 60-plus years of innovative and supreme quality optical design. Aside from cameras and photo equipment, they produce optical scopes, lasers, microscopes, tool casts, nightvision, medical supplies, and a whole shebang of hardcore gadgets for the space industry (no less!)

In 2005, the Lomographic Society International entered into a historic partnership with our good friends at Zenit. Over quite a few shots of vodka, we inked a deal to co-design a pair of revamped Horizon cameras (the Kompakt & Perfekt), and additionally distribute a carefully chosen selection of Zenit's other photographic items via our website. This microsite will serve as home base for every Zenit item on As new goodies come in, we'll continue to expand the collection here.

Have a quick look over our assortment, and you'll quickly feel the overwhelming infatuation that we do for Zenit's photographic products. Outside of their charming Russian looks, they are all designed with basic, utilitarian principles. Far from the cutting edge, these items are old-school tanks with a minimum of bells n' whistles which serve one primary purpose for Lomographers shooting offbeat, saturated, interesting photos that no other brand can match or duplicate. In most cases, the basic designs of these items have not changed for the better part of 20 years despite being actively produced and sold today. As the rest of the world's camera makers are racing towards more megapixels and autofocus points, Zenit continues to do what they do best solid, quirky, gorgeous, and absolutely irresistible Russian design.