Dispatch 23-08-675309 / Agent: Manstein / Equipment: Zenit Fotosniper
Be advised that we have lost all contact with Agent Manstein. Exactly 63 hours ago, Manstein was instructed to tail Alexandry Pushnikichev – known in espionage circles as “the crane.” It appears that Manstein misunderstood this briefing, and has instead focuses his reconissance on a actual industrial crane located in the outskirts of St. Polten , Austria . The Agent has only reported that 1) the crane operators have taken many cigarette & coffee breaks – up to ten in one day, 2) it's very pleasant to stroll among the classic Austrian architecture, and 3) there are plenty of attractive, bookish women on the streets and in the parks who are desperately awaiting a vibrant young man to sweep them off their feet. Mr. Pushnikichev's whereabouts are still unknown.