Back to Basics // The Zero Image Standard Pinhole & Deluxe Pinhole Cameras

Slide open the shutter. Wait about 2 seconds (if it's sunny). Close the shutter. Through this subtle little action, you've sent light streaming through a nearly microscopic hole, and spit it out into a full-bodied, radiant image. With a simple and elegant design, the Zero Image Pinhole cameras take photography back to itsvery roots. Color images are banging with vibrancy and black and white is teeming with heavy contrast. Forget a viewfinder - a super-wide angle of 25mm sees everything around you and renders true geographic lines - without any bending or distortion. No controls, no worries, and almost no idea of exactly how the image will come out. Ahh yeah. Throw in your favorite medium format film and take care: the Zero Image will change and cleanse your entire perspective on photography.

Zero Image Pinhole Deluxe   Zero Image Pinhole
Zero Image Pinhole 35mm    

These cameras look as dazzling as the photos they create. Authentic brass mechanics paired with rich lacquered teak wood from Thailand give them a classic Riviera-luxury-yacht appeal. Each one is fully assembled by hand, and each pinhole lens personally calibrated by Zernike Au, creator of the Zero Image Pinhole and one of the premier pinhole photographers in the world. Choose between the simplicity of the Standard Pinhole cam, the conveinence of the 35mm Pinhole, or the creative luxury of the Deluxe. For the hard-core collectors and limited-edition-crazies, a numbered serial plate and hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity is included with each camera.  In today's modern world of techno photography, it feels great to shoot a charming old-world item that is crafted with intense skill and a whole lotta love.