Material :
Size :

Weight :

Focal Length :
Film :

Format Size :

Pinhole Size :
Image Circle :
Wood & Brass
4.75  (12cm)  x 2.35  (6cm)  x 1.5  (4cm)  [35mm]
5.25" (13.50cm) x 3.25" (8.25cm) x 1.75" (4.5cm) [Standard]
6.75" (17cm) x 3.25" (8.25cm) x 2" (5cm) [Deluxe]
5oz  (.14kg) [35mm]
8oz (.23kg) [Standard]
13oz (.37kg) [Deluxe]
1" (25mm)
120 roll [Standard & Deluxe]
35mm [35mm Pinhole]
35mm Full Frame, 35mm Panoramic [35mm]
6x6cm [Standard]
6x4cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x9cm [Deluxe]
0.0079" (0.2mm)
3.44" (87.5mm)

Wooden construction (All Zero Image Pinholes) :

The Zero image is fully constructed of teak wood, imported from Thailand. The wooden parts are first kiln dried and then machine milled into the correct size. Over 15 layers of varnish coating is applied to the camera to ensure maximum durability and surface protection.

Brass Components (All Zero Image Pinholes) :

All metal parts are finished in in coated, classic brass - a metal that both resists oxidation and seriously commands the affections of onlookers. Paired with shining wood finish, the Pinhole camera takes on the appearance of your long-lost uncle's suave French Riviera motorboat. Remember him?

Variable Format Selection ( Deluxe and 35mm Pinhole Only!) :

Precise wooden blinds inside the camera can be used to vary the sizes of your prints. With the Deluxe Pinhole, choose between (in centimeters) 6x4, 6x6, 6x7, or semi-panoramic 6x9 size. With the 35mm Pinhole, choose from either normal 35mm full frame or true panoramic format. This feature allows for total creativity in composition.

Manual Shutter (All Zero Image Pinholes) :

Here you go - the simplest method of creating a photographic image possible. The shutter consists of a small strip of wood, which moves smoothly on a brass washer mount. To shoot - simply side the shutter out! To stop shooting, slide it back. Each pinhole opening is installed personally by Zernike Au, designer of the Zero Image Pinhole.

Brass Cable Release Socket (Deluxe Only!) :

The Deluxe Pinhole's dual-travel shutter accepts a standard cable release to ensure sharp, shake-free images.  After mounted on a tripod or securely rested, a cable release will ensure that the camera is totally still during the Pinhole's necessary long exposures. 

Exposure Dial (All Zero Image Pinholes) :

Shining in gorgeous polished brass and featuring the Zero Image logo. For the hardcore exposure calculators, this dial will guide you to perfect timing when paired with a hand-held light meter. For the shoot from the hip types, it still looks fabulous!

Tripod Screw (All Zero Image Pinholes) :

More than just an accessory - it's incredibly useful for coaxing sharp images out of your Pinhole camera. It accepts a standard 1/4" tripod screw and rocks the classic beauty of brass.

Bubble-eye Level (Deluxe Only!) :

A gorgeous level spirit in brass and light green glass adorns the top of the Deluxe Pinhole. As the Pinhole renders true architectural lines with no wide-angle distortion, this is indispensable in composing precisely straight landscape & architectural images.

Serial number and Authenticity Certificate (All Zero Image Pinholes) :

Collectors, take note! Each camera is individually numbered within its production edition. Toss your glance right below the interior pinhole opening for the camera-mounted serial number. Rummage your fingertips through the box for a hand-signed and very genteel Certificate of Authenticity.

Engraved Brass Plate (Deluxe Only!) :

A glowing exterior brass plate displays the Zero Image signature and your Deluxe Pinhole's limited edition production number.

Download Instruction Manual :

zero_image_pinhole.pdf (192 kb)   [ get acrobat reader ]