The Diana Mini packs a big punch!

Using 35mm film, you can shoot two film formats – gorgeous retro squares or fantastic half-frames. Look at all those Clones, aren't they cute and convenient!

Diana Mini and Flash Love Letters - A true expression
of your everlasting analogue looooooooove.

Diana Mini Premier Cru - An exquisite mini delight.

Diana Mini & Flash - Latitude – A cartographer's dream come to life.

Diana Mini Gold Edition – Glamorous in gold, prepare to be tantalized by Diana Mini Gold Edition.

Diana Mini Leopard – Fall in love with Diana Mini Leopard, Lomography's petite plastic princess.

Diana Mini JIYU - Freedom In honour of Japan's Golden Week, we present this special edition camera.

Diana Mini Fern Green is one of the most favored Lomography cameras.

Diana Mini Twilight Blue – Say hello to the bright, bold and beautiful Diana Mini Twilight Blue.

Diana Mini Petite Noire This black beauty emits a classic, mysterious vibe with its sleek look.

Diana Mini Flash Package White – The cleanest and freshest camera combo is here.

Diana Mini White – Retaining its dreamy appeal, the Diana Mini’s very first clone is now in a coat of white