Shoot Forever! Diana Mini Missions and Half-Frame Stories

Diana Mini Pano

Half-Frame Missions

Half-frame photography allows you to take two individual pictures side-by-side and one after another on the same 35mm frame! That's a mammoth 72 frames on one 36-exposure film! Can you imagine the possibilities? Get creative by shooting instant stories in half-frame. Try snapping polar opposites like a cowboy and punk, or before and after shots of caterpillar to butterfly. How about something dramatic, like an image of bare feet next to a shot of broken high heels? You may opt to plan your scenes, or be spontaneous and shoot like crazy - resulting in unpredictable half-frame stories!

Have a look at these Diana Mini stories from the community to get you inspired:

Shooting Some Beautiful Strangers (an idea by adi_totp) by sadmafioso and sugiyamasatomi

Mini Stalker by zark and thesarahshow

Shout and Shoot by zark and thesarahshow

Hanging out with the Mini by quaisoir and pink-fu

Diana Mini Square

Diana Mini Square

Diana Mini Square