Sprocket rocket tips

With the Sprocket Rocket you can truly let your imagination run wild. But if you're itching to get out there and start shooting but you're running low on inspiration, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Happy shooting!

Technique #1 - Multiple Exposures:

With the Sprocket Rocket's unique and innovative dual winding knobs you can travel through time by simply moving backwards and forwards through your frames. This means it's never been easier to create multiple exposures! Try combining completely different pictures for surprising effects. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and experiment! Remix your memories!

Sprocket rocket mutiple exposures Sprocket rocket mutiple exposures


Technique #2 – Long Exposures:

The Sprocket Rocket comes fitted with a B-setting which enables long length exposures. Make sure that your camera is perfectly still (ideally your camera should be fitted to a tripod or placed on a stable surface) and open that shutter for as long as you want! Why not try experimenting with light painting? On long-length exposures torches and lights will blur to create long, uninterrupted streams of light. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination but prepare to be blown away!

Sprocket rocket long exposures Sprocket rocket long exposures


Technique 3: With a Little Help from My Friends!

It's always good to have friends and even better to have them all in one photo! The camera's panorama function doesn't just have to be used for cityscapes or landscapes. With the Sprocket Rocket's super-wide lens you can take a group photo and really be sure that nobody will be left out of the frame! So, get all your friends and family together and make your very own Lomography class photo!

With a little help from My Friends! With a little help from My Friends!