The Diana Baby 110 Camera

Packed with all the creative spirit of the Diana F+ camera, the Diana Baby 110 includes interchangeable lenses – Pick between the standard 24mm lens for beautiful square shots and the 12mm lens for ultra-wide square photos!

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The Fisheye Baby 110 cameras

The conveniently pocket-sized Fisheye Baby 110 cameras deliver fabulous circular analogue shots. Whether it’s standard, long or multiple exposures these little babies aim to please in 170°

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The rebirth of 110 format photography

Thought 110 film was lost forever? Certainly not! Thanks to Lomography it is very much alive and ready for a whole new generation of analogue enthusiasts.

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Awesome Effects & Analogue Fun

Take a peek at our galleries and find out what the Baby 110 cameras are capable of.

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All with a tiny camera!

Let these babies prove how good things really do come in small packages.

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