Fisheye Accessories

Fisheye Submarine

Take the Fisheye experience to a whole new level! Compatible with the Fisheye One & Fisheye No.2, you and your camera can now explore new depths together. Even as deep as 20m, the Fisheye Submarine's crystal-clear polycarbonate lens opening means your shots are as focused and bursting with color as ever.

Fisheye Case

How do you keep your Fisheye camera safe and fresh? The Fisheye Case will protect your camera while making it easy for you to shoot when you need to!

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Lomography Ringflash

Fully compatible with the Fisheye, give your photos that little bit more with the breathtaking Ringflash!

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Fisheye Circle Cutter

Turn your Fisheye prints into beautiful, curvy circles with just a twist of your hand.

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Fisheye Double Frame

The Fisheye Double Frame holds two 10x15cm (4x6) prints and displays them through circular openings.

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Fisheye Triple Frame

The Fisheye Triple Frame holds and displays three 10x15cm prints.

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Don’t have a Fisheye? No problemo, get your hands on one of these Fisheye lenses and turn your Diana or Holga into a 170 degree machine!

Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens

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Holga 120 Fisheye Lens

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