Fisheye Book

368 color-bursting pages of 170-degree Fisheye madness. For the purposes of this book, our very own LomoScientist curated a series of crucial roundtable meetings between real Lomographers and extremely rock and roll Fisheye enthusiasts. The results of these findings are presented inside: exclusive tips and tricks, Lomographer profiles & interviews, an informative history of Fisheye lenses and several hundred eye-popping barrel-distorted fisheye images of every type (x-pro, black and white, colorsplashed, multiple exposed, etc.). Wrapped in a beautiful fishscale-embossed hardcover binding, this is the definitive compendium of all things Fisheye!

Rumble in the Pond - Fisheye Book


  • Size: 25cm x 17.3cm x 3.5cm (10in x 6.8inx 1.4in)
  • 368 shining pages, bound within a fishscale-embossed hardcover
  • Hundreds of slamming Fisheye images from tons of amazing Lomographers
  • A hand-selection of the greatest & strangest Fisheye tips n' tricks
  • Filled with every Fisheye style: colorflashed, multiple exposures, x-pro, black and white, pure daylight, and more!
  • Informative roundtable discussions with real-life rock'n'roll goldfish.