Tips & Tricks

Hidden deep within that humble can exterior is some serious creative potential and we’re sure it will take you no time at all to unlock it! Don’t be afraid to experiment, expect the unexpected, throw the rulebook out the window and let your La Sardina loose on the world.

But hey, if you happen to come across the most awesome tip, trick or technique; don’t forget to share it with the Lomographic Community and blow their minds too. In the meantime, here are some fairly awesome La Sardina tricks to get your Lomographic juices flowing. Give them a whirl and don’t forget to come back and show us your results. We’ll be waiting!

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  • X-Pro Craziness

    The La Sardina can’t get enough of slide film and it especially loves cross-processing (developing the slide film in C41 colour negative chemicals). Be prepared for hyper-saturated, insanely contrasted shots that are simply bursting with colour. As always with X-processing, expect the unexpected. Surprise yourself and your Sardina with some wild cross-processed experimentation.

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  • Me, Myself and I – Self Portraits

    Don’t get too hung up about always capturing others and the outside world; remember to turn the camera on yourself every once in a while! La Sardina’s unique wide lens will make sure you get some crazy and interesting perspectives, so give it a spin in as many wild and different scenarios as you can!

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  • Vintage Black & White

    Why not give your shots that classic, vintage look with a healthy dose of Black and White film? Stick a roll of B&W in the La Sardina and you’ll get some stunning contrast and add an air of mystery to your shots. You can also shoot more freely with black & white film on a cloudy day than with colour film and it’s fantastic for capturing characteristic portraits and moody landscapes.

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  • Multiple Exposures (MX)

    The La Sardina is built for ultimate multiple-exposure experimentation. Flick the switch in front of the viewfinder to MX and you can shoot as many exposures as your heart desires! The rewind knob makes things even more interesting, remix your shots and travel through time overlaying new shots over old ones. The possibilities are endless and the effects are always unexpected.

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  • Long Exposures

    Once the La Sardina's shutter has been flicked into "Bulb" mode, a whole world of long nighttime exposure experimentation opens up! This allows you to open the shutter as long as you want to capture some wild-goings on. Place it on something sturdy, or even better attach it to a tripod and use a cable release and suck in all that ambient light, car headlights, passing UFOS; anything!

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  • Flash Photography – Fritz the Blitz Style

    It’s always best to think of La Sardina and Fritz the Blitz as two analogue friends that love to hang out together. Those two little holes on the side of the La Sardina means Fritz the Blitz can attach directly for some serious flash Lomographic fun! Use it at nighttime, use it in the day! Fritz the Blitz packs a serious punch, making it the perfect accompaniment for all situations.

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  • Landscapes and Cityscapes

    The La Sardina’s wide lens makes it perfect not only for super close-up shots but for squeezing every inch of those landscapes (or cityscapes) right into that little can-shaped body! So, whether you’re standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon or at the top of the Eiffel Tower; grab your La Sardina and snap a shot of those awesome landscapes!

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