20m Depth Rating
A combination of industrial rubber seals and a rotating secure closure allows your Lomo to descend up to 20m (65 feet) beneath the waves.

Access to Shutter & Advance Controls
The LC-A+ KRAB was precisely engineered to the exact specifications of the Lomo LC-A+. A shutter advance lever on the front trips your Lomo’s shutter for fast or long exposures. The integrated advance wheel works directly with the Lomo’s advance cog to smoothly move from frame to frame.

Acrylic Faceplate and Correct Metering
The bright acrylic faceplate transmits all of the radiant colors around you – ensuring that they’re picked up by your Minitar 1 lens and faithfully spat out onto your resulting snapshots. It’s also large enough to afford a full view to your Lomo’s internal light meter – meaning that all of your exposures will be correctly metered and right on.

Classic design
based upon the original Soviet-era 1980s LC-A KRAB underwater housing. The original KRAB was created in the former Soviet Union over 20 years ago and produced in very small numbers. Finding one of these rare jewels today is nearly impossible! The new LC-A+ KRAB takes it’s basic design and features from the original Russian design – and improves upon it with high-impact plastic casing and an increased depth rating.

Wonderful for all-weather and extreme action use too!
Planning a ski trip? Chasing a hurricane? Planning to shoot in the next hailstorm? The KRAB not only protects your LC-A+ from water, but from all kinds of extreme natural situations that are otherwise camera-unfriendly.