The Splitzer - The Lomo LCA+ Image Slicer

This is how we do it

The Splitzer is an extremely agreeable chap that plays very well with your Lomo LC-A+. It attaches securely to the front of the camera via the LC-A+'s handy accessory grooves.

Now, grab the index finger on your left hand and gently "pop" the joint. Stretch it out and massage it back and forth a bit. It's got to be nice and limber, as this little guy is going to operate the LC-A+'s multiple-exposure switch - which is the crucial key to the Splitzer's magic!

Position the Splitzer in your chosen position. You can shoot anywhere from one-half to one-eighth of a frame. Click your shot, and use that index finger to re-cock the shutter with the multiple exposure switch. After your shot, change up the Splitzer's position and fire again. What happens after that is entirely up to you, but allow us to toss six useful guidelines your way: