The White Stripes & Lomography Limited Edition Cameras

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera

For Jack White, we’ve got a custom Color Flash Holga Starter kit and Fisheye Adaptor lens. Created in the 1980’s, the Holga is an all-plastic icon of camera design. The White Stripes edition supplies a Fisheye Adaptor for incredible 180-degree super-wide images, and an exclusive collection of plastic filters for a hectic range of color-drenched effects.

This special edition includes:

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera
  1. The White Stripes “Jack” edition Holga camera
  2. The White Stripes edition titanium Fisheye Adaptor lens
  3. Three plastic lens filters (one solid red, two colored soft-surround)
  4. Exclusive Peppermint lens filter
  5. Plastic filter mount
  6. The World Through a Plastic Lens softcover book
  7. “AA” batteries, opaque tape, and one roll of 120 film

The Fisheye Adaptor

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera

Fit this onto your Holga for knockout super-wide images, which yield a nearly circular image on a square print. Shoot right up to a few centimeters from your subject’s nose for the most extreme effects.

Triple Filter Set & Peppermint Filter

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera

Slip any of these lens filters onto your JACK Holga for infinite creative possibilities. The set includes two soft surround filters in red and black, which create a sharp clear circle in the middle of a blurred image, with the blur tinted by the filter color. The set also includes a solid red filter to render your color shots a monochrome red or greatly increase the contrast of your black and white shots.

The Peppermint Lens filter was made exclusively for the JACK Holga. Place filter over the lens your camera, and a soft red peppermint swirl will color your photograph.

The Holga

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera
  1. Using a simple shutter and radiant plastic lens, it produces totally unique images: a little blurry here, a little sharp there, and dripping with color and contrast throughout.
  2. The built-in electronic flash can fire white or red light
  3. A long exposure setting holds the shutter open for dreamy nighttime exposures.
  4. Two image formats allow for 12 square images or 16 rectangular images on one standard 120 roll of film.
  5. This Starter Kit includes the softcover version of “The World Through A Plastic Lens” (Lomography’s excellent book of all things Holga) and all of the extras that you need to get shooting.
  6. Uses all varieties of medium format 120 film. Processing can easily be done at any professional lab.